Air filtration system does not exhaust contaminants outdoors

Duroair Technologies has introduced DuroPure, an indoor air filtration system that recycles air completely without exhausting contaminants to the outside environment.

The patent-pending, five-stage filtration system partners high-efficiency particulate filters with carbon and ultraviolet filter technologies to capture all airborne particulates, in addition to eliminating chemicals and vapors to levels that fall below OSHA allowable standards.

The system can be used by a range of industrial professionals. Because the system does not require venting, users have access to a mobile, purified work environment suitable for dust control, welding, painting, and other needs requiring the elimination of airborne contaminants and chemicals.

The modular enclosure retracts to 20 percent of the extended length, allowing for maximum use of existing floor space during intermittent use. Custom sizes are available.

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