Lift trucks use less energy

The Raymond Corp. has introduced Eco-Performance, the company’s approach to designing and engineering lift truck products with cost-savings and environmental considerations in mind.

In independent, third-party testing by the United States Auto Club (USAC), several of the company’s lift trucks were tested against competitive models by completing the same number of store-and-retrieve cycles. The Raymond┬« Swing-Reach┬« truck was found to use up to 40 percent less energy; the Raymond Reach-Fork┬« truck used up to 21 percent less energy; and the Raymond model 4250 stand-up counterbalanced truck used up to 17 percent less energy.

Based on these results, the trucks require less battery charging, increasing equipment uptime; reduce CO2 emissions, decreasing the carbon footprint; and have faster cycle times, allowing for more pallet moves.

The company’s sales and service center representatives can provide consultation on the right mix of trucks for maximizing material handling throughput and efficiency and provide recommendations for battery charging and management to optimize energy usage.

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