Machining, grinding lubricant petroleum-free

Chemtool Inc. has introduced CT POLYSYN 32MC, a machining and grinding lubricant for both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The lubricant is formulated with PAG lubricant technologies as well as renewable-based components.

The product contains no petroleum hydrocarbon-based oils, petroleum sulfonates, or chlorine. Instead it incorporates polar vegetable oil-based components, polymeric additives, and synthetic ester technologies.

The lubricant offers a noncorrosive, high-performance extreme-pressure and boundary lubricity package. It has strong thermal and hydrolytic stability with minimal deposit formation on machine components or surfaces, says the company, and is biodegradable, exhibiting 65 percent biodegradation in 28 days via the OECD 301F test.

The fluid will not stain nonferrous materials, is low-odor, and is transparent. Microtap lubrications results are 156 percent tapping efficiency on 303 stainless steel.

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