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GM, PLUSfoam, 13 breweries, wineries join Green Power Partnership

| Renewable Energy

GM, PLUSfoam, 13 breweries, wineries join U.S. EPA Green Power Partnership Continue reading

Distributed generation shifts power from utilities to industrials, report says

| Renewable Energy

As renewables and distributed generation disrupt the power grid, utilities’ business model is under threat, and technologies like Internet of Things and big data are key to the future, Lux Research says. Continue reading

GE appoints new president, CEO for power conversion

| Renewable Energy

GE announced that Azeez Mohammed has been appointed president and CEO of GE Energy Connections’ Power Conversion business. Continue reading

Broadwind Energy gets $15 million in new wind tower orders

| Renewable Energy

Broadwind Energy, Inc. announced $15 million in new wind tower orders. Broadwind will produce these towers in its Manitowoc, Wisconsin facility for 2017 delivery. Continue reading

Ford, Jose Cuervo make car parts from Agave

| Materials

In an unusual pairing, Ford and Jose Cuervo® are working together to explore the use of agave fiber byproducts to create a more sustainable bioplastic for Ford vehicles. Continue reading

Chlorine-free metalworking coolant gains Boeing approval

| Materials

Chemetall’s new Tech Cool 35052CF, a generation-V high-performance, semi-synthetic metalworking coolant, has received Boeing Aircraft approval for use under BAC5008 including areas 2,5 and 6. Continue reading

Manufacturing for solar

| Renewable Energy

Six sage industrialists found market opportunities in, under, around, and outside the module, manufacturing for solar. Continue reading

Using municipal wastewater as process water, power source

| Water

Dow’s manufacturing plant in Terneuzen, the Netherlands, partnered with its local municipal water treatment plant to reuse the municipal plant’s wastewater in the manufacture of its products. Continue reading