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Eddy current separators suitable for recycling industry

| Materials

Eriez® offers eddy current separators that separate aluminum and other nonferrous metals from complex streams of materials. They can be used in a variety of applications, including downstream automobile and metal-shredding systems, downstream electronic scrap-shredding systems, wire and cable processing, aluminum used-beverage container separation in material recovery facilities, metallic contaminant … Continue reading

Bactericide-free, low-foaming metalworking fluids safe for all metals

| Materials

DuBois Chemicals offers Pearl-Z bactericide-free metalworking fluids. The fluids resist bacteria, mold, and fungus, making them odor-free. Their microemulsion enables maximum surface contact between the tool and work piece. The product reduces fluid carry-off on machined parts and chips, minimizes misting, drops fines quickly, and splits from hydraulic oils easily, … Continue reading

National Geographic Society adding recycled fiber to magazines

| Waste

Green America, Washington, D.C., has announced that the National Geographic Society (NGS) has begun incorporating recycled fiber in all the pages of National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Kids, and National Geographic Little Kids. The initiative came about as a result of close collaboration with Green America and the Natural Resources … Continue reading

Inbound Logistics names Yale Materials Handling as Green Supply Chain Partner

| Materials

Yale Materials Handling Corp., Greenville, N.C., has been selected for the fourth consecutive year by Inbound Logistics as one of the publication’s 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75). Yale was chosen for its leadership in sustainable materials handling equipment to increase the efficiency of the supply chain, as well as … Continue reading

Poly Recovery opens plastic wash plant in New Hampshire

| Waste

Poly Recovery, Portsmouth, N.H., has unveiled what it says is the first-of-its-kind plastic wash plant installation in N.H. The equipment will transform dirty and mixed-plastic waste into a pristine recycled resin for local end-user manufacturing, while sustaining and creating local jobs. The machinery is expected to recycle upwards of 15 million … Continue reading

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